May 4-7, 2007

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March 14-16, 2007

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October 20-23, 2006

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TG2 - Costume e Societa


Il Giornale


Shop Project 2006


"In deep down we are all a little Narcissist..."

NarcysoŽ is “the mirror” that allows you to try-on a number of accessories like eyeglasses, jewellery, bags and other wearable goods. The items chosen are inserted in a three dimensional way and in real-time on your image reflected in the “mirror”, in a fast and easy way.

You only need to stand in front of NarcysoŽ, choose the model you like and see how it looks on, just as if you were trying it on in front of a real mirror: face it or turn, close up or far away. The experience is so real that you feel as if you were really wearing that accessory.


Artemidis srl, Piazza Europa 16 - 31057 Silea (TV), Italy - P.IVA 01568440935